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Re: msdos-i386 and symlinks in DOS


I think I've come up with an alternative solution to this msdos name thing, for CD's at least, but I don't use DOS enough to know if it will work.

Normally mkisofs maps names that conflict when they are truncated to names with extensions of .000, .001 and so on.  I've tweaked it (at present with an applying hack) to instead choose the names from index/msdos-names, so the short name used for the non-Rock-Ridge(8.3) directory entries is the same as the one in the ms-dos area.

At present, it isn't perfect, but it does result in all the 8.3 names on the CD having the right extension, and with a little work should be publishable.

Does this actually sort out the problem ?  I think it does for CD's but not when using ftp --- why would anyone want to ftp from DOS before installing Linux, rather than the other way round ?

Cheers, Phil.

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