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Re: Problems adding swap files

On 15 May 1997, Rob Browning wrote:

> Pete Templin <templin@bucknell.edu> writes:
> > As my system is currently laid out, I'm not suffering from any shortage of
> > swap _space_ (240MB allocated, max seen in use is 33MB), I'm merely trying
> > to sneak out the best possible performance without spending a buck.
> In the end I imagine you'll be much happier if you scrounge for more
> RAM, but you probably already knew that...
> > I think I'm just having trouble using a swapfile on a md array, as opposed
> > to a pathname problem.  Any ideas would, of course, be gladly accepted.
> I'm not sure I understand your problem, but I'll be happy to help if I
> can.  We have machines here using /dev/md0 as swap.  Is that roughly
> what you are trying to accomplish?
> Here's the mdtab.
> # mdtab entry for /dev/md0
> /dev/md0  raid0,4k,0  /dev/hda2 /dev/hdb2
> # mdtab entry for /dev/md1
> /dev/md1  raid0,4k,0  /dev/hda3 /dev/hdb3
> # mdtab entry for /dev/md2
> /dev/md2  raid0,4k,0  /dev/hda4 /dev/hdb4

You don't wan't to have your swap partitions on an MD device.

The kernel already stripes over all available swap partitions.
Using MD just wastes CPU cycles.


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