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I'm technically a debian developer, though I've not released any
packages for over a year.  Thus, some of my packages are still
a.out format and some of them have been taken over by other
developers.  There's a reason for this -- the drifting debian
spec and the disk space requirements have been more than I can
afford.  Also, up until recently, there has been no overriding need
for me to re-release any of my packages.  That, and the requirements
for package submission have been drifting...

I've generated a pgp key (though I've not sent the public version
anywhere -- 512 bits enough?), and plan on bringing all my remaining
packages up to hamm's standards.  However, a recent change in debian
policy means that this might not be enough.

j1 is on the critical list for bo, because it's in devel but it's
been reclassified as an interpreter.  This seems like it should be
trivial to fix -- just move the files.

Now, I guess there's some red-tape I need to deal with, maybe some
hoops to jump through, to get this to happen.  However, I don't have
a clue what this really means.

Somebody mind telling me?


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