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Re: ncurses4.0

In article <Pine.LNX.3.95.970502152309.3981A-100000@miriam.fuller.edu>,
Christoph <debian@waterf.org> wrote:
>Documentation is needed for how to use the gazillion of emulations ncurses
>supports due to the fact that each VT xxx implementation has its
>limitations and percularities.
>I think the lack of documentation makes ncurses unusable and a big pain.
>I'd prefer the old termcap over this curse any day. Termcap had
>comments at least from which you could guess what was going on.

Ah. Yes, terminfo _is_ confusing. It is, however, almost the same as
termcap. You just have to get the aha-erlebnis :)

Try to enter "infocmp". You'll get your terminfo entry, which looks a
lot like the good 'ole termcap. It is documented in "man 5 terminfo".
Use "infocmp > file" to get your terminfo entry, edit it, and send it
back to the binary database using "tic file".

That's all.

The "master terminfo/termcap" data base that Eric Raymond maintains, is
in a "super" format from which you can generate both termcap and terminfo
entries. That one does have comments. The stuff you get from "infocmp"
doesn't, since it is re-generated from the already compiled terminfo

The master database can be found via http://www.ccil.org/~esr/terminfo/

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