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Re: new virtual package: ups-monitor

On May 26, Joey Hess wrote
> Andreas Jellinghaus:
> > > Would someone mind if I add the following entry to the list of virtual
> > > package names?
> > wish		any package providing a wish
> > 
> > these packages might also help.
> > (tcl and tk cannot be used.)
> I don't think wish is the right name. Unless you're familiar with tk (as
> opposed to just trying to get it installed), you may not know that the tk
> interperter is named wish.

yes, the tk interpreter is named wish, and any package providing such a
tk interpreter, should provide wish ? was my request do inclear
formulated ? currently all packages, that will work with any version of
tcl (any version of tk), require tcl | tcl7.0 | tcl7.4 | tcl7.6 (require
tk | tk4.0 | tk4.1 | tk4.2) but it would be easier to require "tclsh" :
that means any package providing a tclsh ("wish" : any package providing
a tksh). this way all tcl (tk) and tix (tkx ?) packages should provide

is this clearer now ? (is thsi correct english ? i'm not sure)

regards, andreas

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