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Re: packages.debian.org & qmail (was Re: Using CVS for package development)

> What I was trying to achieve was to have qmail forward a message without
> messing around with the headers any more than necessary. Thus, I wanted
> to have a .qmail-packages-default file to handle the packages.debian.org
> domain, and that would look up the package name and map it to the maintainer
> address, and remail messages to the maintainer. This is not a terribly
> complicated hack, but I got busy.

That seems simple enough.

I think your best bet is this:

1) make sure control/locals does not contain packages.debian.org

add this line to control/virtualdomains:


create ~alias/.qmail-packages-default, containing:

  |forward "`/usr/local/bin/pkg2maint $EXT2`"

write /usr/local/bin/pkg2maint, which is a program that takes a package name, 
and puts the maintainers e-mail address on its STDOUT.

The only extra thing to have pkg2maint do is output an address that will cause 
the mail to bounce if the maintainer cannot be found 
(package-not-found@master.debian.org might work)

Anyone already have the pkg2maint code already written ?

Cheers, Phil.

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