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Re: ncurses4.0

> So, I hope the 4.0 thing will be resolved in the next couple of weeks,
> at which point I will probably issue a 4.0 compiled against glibc as
> an integral part of the Debian 2.0 release.  It'll be about time, and
> hopefully I'll be able to close many of the open reports against
> ncurses---3.0 has served us well, but it's time to move on.

>From my experience it seems that ncurses3 is a big problem. There is no
documentation to figure out which emulation to use with which program.
Works fine with Linux console and X but I have never been able to locate a
satisfactory emulation nor documentation for

1. Win95 telnet program and Win 3.11 Telnet
2. Hyperterm (the one with integrated telnet)
3. WinQvt
4. SSH for Win (Works mostly satisfactory)
5. VT320 Whitepine terminal emulator
and a bunch of other terminal programs I have tried to use.

Maybe I just have not spend enough time researching the issue and do not
know where to look for information. But as far as I can tell ncurses3
does not implement any of the standard terminal emulations in a
comphrehensive correct way except Linux console

One annoyance is for example the top commands whose display is
always cut off after the header and you cannot see the processes. Try
using joe or talk with ncurses3 ....

If ncurses4 fixes these problem then I would consider this a very
important bug fix for frozen. Never heard of ncurses4 before though.

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