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Re: runlevels [was Re: Upcoming Debian Releases]

Yann Dirson writes:
 > * that's not complete either. As already mentionned, the manpage tells
 > about undocumented runlevels 7-9. It also poorly tells about those
 > AaBbCc I never really understood.

I just tried those runlevels 7-9, with sysvinit_2.71-2. It just need
few modifications to have them work:

* add rc[7-9].d, and 'cp -d rc2.d/* rcX.d' to get packages setup
* add in inittab: runlevel (l7,l8,l9) entries, 7-9-awareness into
getty and ctrl-alt-del entries (entries 1-6 and ca)

There would surely be other things to update if they are to be used in
debian (eg. update-rc.d).

That just go fine, until you try to use 'halt' or 'reboot': as
specified in the manpage (yes :), these only call shutdown when in
runlevel 1-5. Quite strange IMHO. *BE CAREFUL* trying to reproduce it,
it (probably among other unclean things) doesn't unmount cleanly

I don't know the reason why RLs 7-9 are handled just like 0 and 6. I
think it should at least be possible to choose which behaviour they
have in this case, if the current behaviour is meaningful (IMHO, it is
only meaningful for halt/reboot-like actions).

Should this be considered as a bug ?

Yann Dirson

e-mail: dirson@univ-mlv.fr

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