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packaging plan


I am just about to package plan (picked up from Christoph Lameter) and
want to make sure the copyright will allow me to place it in the
distribution as a free package. I will not be altering any code except the
Makefile and it will be compiled dynamically against lesstif 0.79 (brand
new, but older versions of lesstif mess up the window sizes). Is there any
problems with what is below?

Thanks in advance. Cheers, Colin.

- ---------

plan is Copyrighted by Thomas Driemeyer, 1993-1996. License to copy,
publish, and distribute is granted to everyone provided that three
conditions are met:

- - my name and email address, "Thomas Driemeyer <thomas@bitrot.in-
  berlin.de>" must remain in the distribution and any documentation
  that was not part of this distribution. In particular, my name
  and address must be shown in the About popup.
- - if you redistribute a modified version, the fact that the version
  is modified must be stated in all places that my name is shown.
- - this copyright notice must be included in your distribution.

If these conditions are met, you can do whatever you like. The
idea is that I would be pissed if someone else claimed he wrote the
thing, and I don't want bugs introduced by others attributed to me.
Make as much money with it as you can. Drop me a line, I am curious.

If you put plan on a CD, send me a free copy if your company policy
allows it.

There are no implied or expressed warranties for plan. I do not
claim it is good for anything whatsoever, and if you lose your
precious data or your dog dies this is entirely your problem.

- --
           Colin R. Telmer, Department of Economics, Dunning Hall
           Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, K7L-3N6
          Phone: (613)545-2273 Email: telmerco@qed.econ.queensu.ca
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