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Re: sendmail/smail with relaying blocks?

On Fri, 9 May 1997, Tim Cutts wrote:

> My exim package currently allows relaying; as Craig points out below, what
> you allow relaying to/from is extremely site-dependent.  I think it is
> more sensible to allow relaying by default; without it remote mail from
> Eudora and the like will fail, and I'd rather it worked by default.  

i (mostly) agree with this.  I think i'll just package the files, along with
whatever documentation, readme's, URL references etc i can find, and leave
everything turned off by default.

> > As far as i can tell, if you block relaying by IP address, you have
> > to list every individual IP address in the LocalIP file. You can't
> > just specify a network address and a netmaks (e.g.
> In exim you can restrict it to certain networks. For example, my SG
> site restricts relaying to hosts in 131.111, like so:

i just looked at the sendmail hacks again (there's a new version which
has some new features) and you can specify whole networks just by
leaving off the final IP address. e.g. to allow you list
"203.16.167" in /etc/mail/LocalIP.

it would be better if it understood netmasks.

> > 2. do we (debian) distribute a 'Spammers' and 'SpamDomains' file with the
> >    package?  what are the legal ramifications of doing that?
> That's unfeasible.  The list grows too fast.  

yeah, i know.

except example purposes, it's probably pointless to try to include a list.

> We try to maintain one here in Cambridge, and I have long since given
> up trying to keep up.

My personal procmailrc filters out potential spam into a separate
folder. every so often i go through it and extract email addresses and
spam domains to add to my list.

> and I also reject mail from certain hosts and networks entirely:
> sender_net_reject_recipients =
> sender_host_reject_recipients =

The latest version of the sendmail hacks has a feature like this...it's
probably better than trying to keep firewall rules up to date.


craig sanders
networking consultant                  Available for casual or contract
temporary autonomous zone              system administration tasks.

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