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Re: j1

Raul Miller <rdm@test.legislate.com> writes:

> I've generated a pgp key (though I've not sent the public version
> anywhere -- 512 bits enough?), and plan on bringing all my remaining
> packages up to hamm's standards.  However, a recent change in debian
> policy means that this might not be enough.

Great!  Glad to have you back!

I'm currently in charge of welcoming "new" maintainers; I'll be happy
to fill you in on the changes of the past 12 months via private

> j1 is on the critical list for bo, because it's in devel but it's
> been reclassified as an interpreter.  This seems like it should be
> trivial to fix -- just move the files.

Actually, j1 is on the critical list for bo because it depends on
libreadline instead of libreadline2.  This should also be trivial to
fix, but whether or not there's time for you to do it is a matter for
Brian to decide.

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