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Re: name of expect package

Copied to debian-devel, I hope you don't mind.

On May 4, Bill Wohler wrote
>   Why did you change the name of the package to include the version?
>   Now, when a new version comes out, it will be found underneath new
>   packages and will have to be manually selected rather than
>   automatically if the name were the same.  Does the benefit of the
>   name change really outweigh this inconvenience?

Because of the new shared library and version-specific support
directory under /usr/lib, I had to make a "run-time" package to allow
multiple versions to be installed in the future.  It didn't seem worth
it to me to add a separate "binary" package just for /usr/bin/expect
and /usr/bin/expectk so I put them in the run-time package and used
update-alternatives the same way I do with Tcl and Tk.  I can change
it if their is sufficient desire.

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