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Re: Perl issues

On 21 May 1997, Darren/Torin/Who Ever... wrote:

> I have some ideas on what I'm planning on doing with the Debian Perl
> package in the near future.
> 1. Split the main executable and a small set of base files into
>    perl-base.  This would be Priority: required, should it be Essential?
>    There will still be a main Perl package but it would supplement
>    perl-base instead of replacing it.[1]

Great! I think this will end the confusion of some users about the perl
and perl-base packages.

> 2. The man-pages and html-docs would go into a separate perl-doc
>    package.


There is on other thing I always wanted to discuss here: IMHO we need a
policy for perl library/module packages. CPAN contains lots of very useful
modules which we should include in the Debian distribution.

IMHO we need a policy for naming of the packages, how many packages we
need (a module in one package?), and so on.

Any comments?



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