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Re: libc6 migration -- xlib

> IIRC libgdbm is no longer developed, because even the author saw that
> libdb was better, and that there was no reason for double work.

Nice theory; however, db can't read gdbm files, nor does it provide
the gnu-specific version of the interface...  so the existing gdbm
will be needed provided indefinitely.

> does it need tk41 or will it go woth any version of tk ?
> i hate to have tk4.0 4.1 4.2 and 8.0a2 installed on my system.

It doesn't need *any* version of tk installed by the *end user*.  It
needs tk41-dev installed by the X maintainer, in order to build the
package... but it only uses the static library.

> should packages named alt-lib-dev or altlib-dev ?

That's a good first question; maybe it should be lib-altdev, like
libc5 uses?  (I don't care that much, I just want to get it nailed

> great. and maybe a timeline or so would also help.

Indeed... especially if the goal is to have this all done for 2.0...

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