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Re: RFC: Kernel-package: Please add the '.config' file in the binary package

>>"SirDibos" ==   <jwalther@citytel.net> writes:

SirDibos> On Tue, 20 May 1997, Mike Orr wrote:

SirDibos> You are right.  However, what solution do you suggest in my
SirDibos> case, where I have 6 different kernels cluttering up my / ?
SirDibos> I use all of em, 1 is a backup, some implement different
SirDibos> features.....  which .config should go in boot?

	That's obvious. I used the same method that is used for
 System.map and psdatabase files.
__> ls -asCF /boot
total 1903
   1 ./			   1 boot.0303		   1 os2_d.b
   1 ../		   5 boot.b		   0 psdatabase@
  88 System.map-2.0.30	   1 chain.b		  66 psdatabase-2.0.30
 136 System.map-2.1.37	   5 config-2.0.30	 115 psdatabase-2.1.37
 136 System.map-2.1.39	   4 config-2.1.37	 115 psdatabase-2.1.39
   1 any_b.b		   4 config-2.1.39	 366 vmlinuz-2.0.30
   1 any_d.b		   8 map		 424 vmlinuz-2.1.37
   1 boot.0302		   1 mbr.b		 422 vmlinuz-2.1.39

SirDibos> Obviously, the config of the kernel that is running.
SirDibos> Determining that doesnt seem nontrivial.  It could be done
SirDibos> by modifying the kernel-source package...  I look forward to
SirDibos> seeing what is done with regard to this.

SirDibos> Whats needed is some way to associate with a given kernel
SirDibos> image its corresponding "config".  Again, we are getting
SirDibos> into the realm of how bsd does it, where you determine the
SirDibos> configuration at boot time, not compile time.

	The version number works just fine. Unlike bsd, we are not
 using this as a configuration file per se, we are documenting what
 configuration was used. Totally different situation.

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