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Re: long list of give away or orphaned packages

On Wed, 28 May 1997, Brian White wrote:

> Perhaps we could integrate this with the "new developer" screening.  To
> become a new developer, you must take over one of the orphaned packages.

This idea was raised before.  *please*.  Do not do this.  If you have some
enthusiastic developer come along who wants to package something up, then
you demand that they take another package on which they might not be
familiar with, before they even start, thats a total killjoy.

This is a volunteer effort, people make debian packages coz they enjoy the
software and want to share it with others.  You dont want to kill that,
coz in most cases, you'll lose the maintainer of that package, plus they
wont take over the orphaned one you want to.

On the *other* hand, if you give them the welcome, let 'em in, then when
they see how nice their package is, you can ask them nicely to if they
could take on another...  This approach would be far more effective.  Let
them have their first real package under their belt before taking on
someone elses package which they arent familiar with the bugs and
workarounds and problems the previous developer had.

On a related note, games.  Games are important.  Please please please dont
reject someone who wants to package up a game.  Thats one of the things I
like about debian, it has so many games.  I first got mirrormagic working
under debian...  And I hope to see abuse.svga working again too now that
he sources are available.  Games are the best and easiest way to have your
first "real" package, and its the most exciting (for a new developer
anyways ;))

On another note.  Is your screening process too vigorous?  What happened
to the EPIC irc package that was discussed here a while back?  I dont see
it in the distribution.  Perhaps the screening process was too harsh?

Im not dissing your work, its excellent ;)  Just hoping things can be a
little more open...  It seems like its getting to be an old boys club.
You guys are pretty mature compared to the IRC channels, but it seems that
already the administration is top heavy, taking away a lot of coding/devel

Tell me if my analysis is wrong, I hope it is. :>



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