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RFC: a "debian-daemon" project

	Request for comments: a "debian-daemon" project

Using FTP for a while to keep my system up-to-date, I see several
things that, I think, cannot be done easily:

* Data transfer minimization (with rsync-like algorithm) where that
could be applied. That does not include, eg, compiled binaries, but
would fit well for sources packages in tar format (gzipped version
could still be used for full downloads), Packages files (same
comment), probably most packages in binary-all (if we can have a
non-compressed tarfile inside the deb file);

* Getting changes between installed and available versions, to allow
users to download a new version only when they have use of it;

...and probably more that I don't remember right now; please be free
to add to this list...

That could probably be done by extending the FTP protocol (or another
one, like FSP, but I don't know much about that one) to support rsync

Further more, such a daemon could be made to fully monitor the
distribution-site: the site-mainainer would just "send" (maybe locally
:-) the new files to the daemon, which would automagically ensure site
coherence, including keeping Packages (and other) files up-to-date,
removing old versions from experimental when a newer has come into
unstable (noone told be I was wrong here, so I persist ;-), maybe
automatically find out between what versions the rsync algorithm would
be profitable, etc.
Yann Dirson

e-mail: dirson@univ-mlv.fr

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