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Re: libc5 FAQ


> I must second Andreas here. The ISDN stuff is an exception.

Oh come on, there are millions of exceptions. The KErnel Development has
never stoped and will never stop. There is a lot of redesign goiug on:

new routing, new address families, new arp, new console, new device drivers,
new memory management, new ACL support, new filesystems, new privelege
support, RT support...

all this stuff will come and without access to the kernel headers you always
have to wait for the next libc release (which actually depends on the fact
that the libc ppl actually know what they have to support).

I wont speak about patches to the kernel which are not in the mainstream
source. I agree that it is a very good idea to have a stable API, but on the
other hand I dont see anything wrong with relying on kernel headers for all
those little kernel tools which are exceptions. The only important thing is,
that the normal libc header do not rely on kernel headers. Then you can
compile all applications which dont need to know kernel details, and only
those tools who include <linux/..> will break.

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