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Re: Proposal: New source format (was Re: [Fwd: Re: dpkg question])

Tom Lees wrote:
> This gets more complicated. To allow for cross-compiling or bootstrapping,
> some packages need to be compilable using the Source from another package,
> so eg:-
> SrcPackage: xmp
> Depends: awe-drv | src.awe

I don't think it adds any complexity if upstream source packages, 
debian source packages, and binary packages are all treated the exact
same way.

> IMHO this is where we need the possibility of dependencies on Source or
> Binary packages. Also a standardized "build lab" (build-i386.debian.org,
> etc.) being enforced would be a really nice way of ensuring a
> self-consistent distribution. But I'm not sure if we have the resources
> to do that.

If we can do it on a piece-meal, automated basis - just a lowly 386 that
someone's planning on chucking out might work.  I've got one -- but it's
currently being used as an internet gateway.

> We should be planning this for Debian 2.0. The release of that will have
> lots of nice new features (deity for one).

I don't see too much of a need to rush it.  The current system does work.
Really, all a new system will do is make life a bit easier for the Debian 
developers.  However, we may collectively decide that the ability to have
cryptographically signed packages is so important that it is worth rushing


 - Jim

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