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long list of give away or orphaned packages

On May 27, Sven Rudolph wrote
> 2.  Packages needing a new maintainer
> Please inform me via e-mail:
> o  when you find that you need to discontinue maintaining a package
> o  when you believe that the following list is incomplete
> o  when you would like to maintain one of the packages listed here.

the list of debian packges needing a new maintainer is growing all the
time. so - what about removeing some packages, if they are no longer
maintained, or (better) moving them into section contrib (or a new
section "orphaned" ?). 

it will be better for debian to have less packages but good maintained
ones, than to have many packages not being good maintained. debian has a
good name - orphaned packages can destroy it. but people have put a lot
of work in some packages, so we shouldn't delete them. a section
orphaned or so would be one way, to still provide them (maybe as a
staring point for new packages), but not drop them entirely.

what do you think ?

regards, andreas

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