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Re: New Source Formats and Source Package Verification

> How about where part of the upstream archive could go into the main  
> distribution, but part needs to go into non-free or non-US, even for the  
> sources?
> That's a case where you _must_ repack the original archive.
> MfG Kai

No.  I'd just say upload the upstream sources to the non-US site.
I agree that it's not nice having the binary package on one site,
and the source package on the other - but it's the stupid US
regulations that are the problem.

BTW, I recently discovered that it is legal for me to mirror
the non-US stuff in Canada (or reg's exempt free software --
whoopee!).  That would be good -- there currently isn't a mirror 
of the crypto stuff on this continent.  I'll try to set it up by 
the end of this week.


 - Jim

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