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Re: posix time / 822-date problem

aj@dungeon.inka.de (Andreas Jellinghaus)  wrote on 27.05.97 in <[🔎] 19970527192324.54891@dungeon.inka.de>:

> my 822-date says :
> local timezone differs from GMT by a non-minute interval
> local time: Tue May 27 19:22:48 1997
> GMT time: Tue May 27 17:23:08 1997
> how to correkt this (it's very ugly - debmake and dch are not working).

I think this is the timezone bug we were talking about. See if the newest  
respective packages have this fixed.

And if this doesn't demonstrate that the non-POSIX timezone behaviour was  
(is?) a critical bug, I don't know what will do it.

MfG Kai

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