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Re: RFC: policy supplement for library packages

>      libc6     | libfoo-dev          | /usr/{lib,include}
>      libc5     | libfoo-libc5-dev    | /usr/{lib,include}

I still have trouble with this.  There is already a 
	libc5	| libfoo-dev	| /usr/{lib,include}
for each libfoo out there.  When people upgrade from 1.3->2.0, what's
*supposed* to happen?  It looks like what will happen this way is the
libc5 dev tools get replaced with libc6-based dev tools.  If we assume
that they're taking the whole update at once, that'll be ok, because
the things like boot-floppies that depend on a -dev package will also
get updated -- but please make this *intent* explicit in the document...

For people tracking unstable (like me) it's fine if things are a bit
more complicated :-)  as long as the QA group does some "install 1.3
and upgrade to 2.0" tests along with the fresh installs that they do...

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