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Re: RFC: Policy for arch specs

On Thu, 29 May 1997, Christian Schwarz wrote:

> Hi folks!
> As I'm working on a new Policy I'm handling the request to include a
> policy for "correct architecture spec strings". However, I've discovered
> _several_ threads here on debian-devel without any (obvious) results. 
> Is it correct, that we are currently working on ports to the following
> platforms (the abbrevs should be the ones that dpkg is using in the file
> names): 
> 	i386
> 	alpha
> 	arm
> 	m68k
> 	powerpc
> 	sparc
> Are these correct (i.e. not ppc) and is this list complete?
> Next step: GNU's "configure" utility. I thought that we had agreed on
> using
> 	i386-unknown-linux
> (and similar for the other architectures), but then I had just discovered
> that GCC uses
> 	/usr/lib/gcc-lib/i486-linux/
>                          ^^^^^^^^^^
> (first it says "i486" instead of "i386", second it ommits the "unknown").

No, i486-linux is the alias we should use. Latest configure tools will
convert this to i486-pc-linux-gnu! But, all programs should install using
the alias, not the full name. Dpkg calls it "i386", but the autoconf
string should be i486. In general, the alias given to configure should be

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