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Possible bug in dpkg-source? Possible fix?

I'm using dpkg-dev  The problem is that not just with
source packages I create.  It is with all source packages I'm
downloading, e.g., hello.

The type of error I'm getting is as follows:

     dpkg-source: failure: remove patch backup file
     hello-1.3/debian/substvars.dpkg-orig: No such file or directory

I've checked, and true to the error patch does not create a file
called "substvars.dpkg-orig"; however, it is creating a file called

What's curious is that I don't have any problems extracting the
source when I use the method outlined in the Debian Packaging Manual
for extracting by hand.  The patch command I use when doing a manual
extraction is just "patch -p0 -s", and all works like it should.

I'm no expert on the various uses of patch, and I don't know perl,
but I did have a look at dpkg-source.  I found the following line:


I figured this must be equivalent to typing at the command prompt the
following line:

         patch -s -t -F 0 -N -p1 u -V never -b ".dpkg-orig"

Sure enough, when I do this, I do not end up with files that only
have .orig as a suffix instead of the intended .dpkg-orig.

Now, I have looked through the man page for patch and it seems that
the option "-b" should be replaced with "-z".  When I make the
substitution, all works well.

Am I behind the times, or is this a bug?

Paul Serice

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