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Re: libc6 migration -- xlib

On May 19, Mark W. Eichin wrote
> Is there a web page or other document that explains what our strategy
> for libc6 is?  I'm not talking about random comments on the list, I
> mean something nailed down that I can refer to...

yes, we need that !

> 	1) libgdbm -- libc6 includes libdb, and therefore gdbm is
> supposed to be unnecessary.  
IIRC libgdbm is no longer developed, because even the author saw that
libdb was better, and that there was no reason for double work.

> 	2) X -- a full release of X requires tk41-dev to build
> XF86Setup (it uses the static lib, so the end-user doesn't need it.)

does it need tk41 or will it go woth any version of tk ?
i hate to have tk4.0 4.1 4.2 and 8.0a2 installed on my system.

> alt-xlib6-dev 

should packages named alt-lib-dev or altlib-dev ?

a good documentation what we should do and what we shouldn't do would be
great. and maybe a timeline or so would also help.
(and advices like : "hey, now you should be able to compile lib xxx as
libc6 binary, since the basic lib yyy you need is now available as libc6
binary" could maybe also help).

regards, andreas

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