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Re: Logo's

On Sun, 4 May 1997, Ian Jackson wrote:

> I'm not entirely happy with the procedure that seems to be being used
> to select a logo.  Not that I think that Christian and others haven't
> done a useful job, but I think that we've got to the stage where a
> little more structure to the process would be good.
> I think that we should first decide for a theme, or possibly a small
> number of themes for a logo (eg `some variant on D', `puzzle
> piece(s)', `galaxy'), and then refine each of these by suggesting more
> detail or variations on them and keeping only the best.

I agree. My plan is to start a discussion about our "logo guidelines" on
the debian-publicity list in the next few days. After that, only logos
that conform to the guidelines will be included on the page. 

> At the moment it's very hard to say `I like the _idea_ behind logo XYZ
> but I think the artwork needs some improvement'.
> This would also allow us to choose between a much smaller number of
> alternatives at each stage.
> Furthermore, I think that if we're going to be voting on logos (and
> they are something that you could at least sometimes have a sensible
> vote about) a more formal voting scheme would be good.  A simple
> `yes/no' from each developer who happens to get to that version of the
> web page is rather coarse.

A lot of people have suggested this but I still don't think that a scale
from 1-5 (or similar) is better. The idea of the page is to give some
feedback to the logo designers, not to do same ranking. People should use
the text entry field and tell us what they like and what they don't like
about a specific logo.

But perhaps we should add more options, for example:

	I like the font:      <> Yes  <> No
	I like the colors:    <> Yes  <> No
        I like the motif:     <> Yes  <> No

> So, I think we should firstly collect ideas for themes and so forth
> and judge them on the basis of the idea, rather than how well the
> example is presented.  ASCII-art will do quite well for illustration
> at this stage.

Ok, please everybode that is intrested on this: join the debian-publicity
mailing list!



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