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Re: j1

On May 13, Klee Dienes wrote
> > I've generated a pgp key (though I've not sent the public version
> > anywhere -- 512 bits enough?), and plan on bringing all my remaining
> > packages up to hamm's standards.  However, a recent change in debian
> > policy means that this might not be enough.
> Great!  Glad to have you back!
> I'm currently in charge of welcoming "new" maintainers; I'll be happy
> to fill you in on the changes of the past 12 months via private
> E-mail.

How much volume?

[Aside: firefly.com got sold to Yahoo, and replaced with orbits.com,
unfortunately, I only got a one-year forwarding address out of it,
and that expired some time ago.]
> > j1 is on the critical list for bo, because it's in devel but it's
> > been reclassified as an interpreter.  This seems like it should be
> > trivial to fix -- just move the files.
> Actually, j1 is on the critical list for bo because it depends on
> libreadline instead of libreadline2.  This should also be trivial to
> fix, but whether or not there's time for you to do it is a matter for
> Brian to decide.

Hmm.. I've uploaded the fixed package to master, but Incoming is
read-only, so I just dumped them in ~moth.

Also, I've not made any dchanges file, not sure how best to approach
that (still old package format, still no public key).


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