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Re: packaging plan

Colin Telmer <telmerco@qed.econ.queensu.ca> writes:

> I am just about to package plan (picked up from Christoph Lameter) and
> want to make sure the copyright will allow me to place it in the
> distribution as a free package. I will not be altering any code except the
> Makefile and it will be compiled dynamically against lesstif 0.79 (brand
> new, but older versions of lesstif mess up the window sizes). Is there any
> problems with what is below?
>> [...] If you put plan on a CD, send me a free copy if your company
>> policy allows it. [...]

The only part I am worried about is the above sentence.  The rest
looks okay.

This would seem to require any CD-makers to send the author a free
copy if their company policy does not explicitly forbid it.  That
would put CD-makers in some amount of risk if they forget to send the
"complementary" CD, thus it is non-free.

If the statement was intended to only mean "if you want to do it",
it's free, but the statement needs to be clarified.


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