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2.6.15 on HP ZV6100 ( similar to compaq R4000) 32bit chroot problems 3D games stop Re: [2.6.15-rc7@amd64] gfp.h & BUG_ON Re: [a-users] Re: ITP: fmit -- free music instrument tuner [Little OT] Sata drive hot plug? Re: [SPAM] Re: Kernel 2.6.15-4 freeze Re: [SPAM] Re: Preparing to give 64 bit a shot again on Gateway laptop Re: [x86_64] bttv: linux 2.6.16-rc1 mplayer fails to record ALSA audio and fails tune TV. ACPI with AMD64 Adaptec 2230SLP RAID (aacraid): how to install Sarge/AMD64 Re: alias alternative to linuxant? Amarok 1.3.8-1 crashes on startup AMD64 etch impressions Re: AMD64 etch net installer AMD64 Install (failure) report AMD64 installer with megaraid driver? Amd64 laptop with Turion+Sis? AMD64 Official was Re: chroot instructions amd64 on etc amd64-archive update Re: amd64-archive update + Wine amule and kademlia in sarge amd64 Re: Anyone willing to seed sarge amd64 isos? apache and webdav apt-get update error libswt-mozilla-gtk-3.1-jni ati radeon Broadcom bcm43xx problems Re: Bug filing advice needed: package uninstallable on Bug filing advice needed: package uninstallable on amd64 only Re: Bug#354505: ghc on AMD64 testing depends on unavailable libgmp3c2 can I get python (2.4) as 32bit Can't mount CD/DVD drives Cannot browse network using smb Cannot burn CD/DVD anymore on Etch using Nautilus??? cdrecord fails on usb writer chroot instructions Re: chroot, autofs, and bind Clock issues Confirm needed: python2.3 (thus lots of other stuff) uninstallable from etch? Re: Confirm needed: python2.3 (thus lots of other stuff) uninstallable from etch? Re: Confirm needed: python2.3 (thus lots of other stuff) uninstallable from etch? console-common missing a depends? Re: Debian ADM64 Etch (testing/unstable) system freeze debian amd64 Etch & kde Fw: debian-amd64 debian-testing-amd64-netinst.iso fails reboot Fw: debian-x86-64 debmirror problems Re: deborphan Re: Different directories for AMD64 Debian Re: DMA missing after install -- rebuild initrd? HOWTO? DMA on SATA disks? Dual Operon 240 / 16GB / Tyan K8SR Re: Ekiga (was Gnomemeeting) and pwc module (Quickcam Pro 4000) fglrx and linux-image-2.6.15-1-amd64-k8 fglrx with xorg 6.9.0 Freeradius Re: GCC 4.1 in experimental / GCC for etch glibc on kfreebsd-amd64 (was: Re: segfaults on amd64, one more update) Great news - amd64 shall be officialy supported RSN :) Re: Re: Grub/LILO install fails on DL385 gs segfaults Help! I wanna help How do I enable frequency scaling? how to get a new version of 'unrar' into the official repository? i want to migrate from ide to serial ata ia32 emulation and locale problems Include non-free to the autobuilder initrd race conditions Installing amd64 mini.iso on dell 2840 Re: Installing Debian on sata drive with adaptec aic-8130 controller Installing eclipse gives conflicts Installing emacs on debian amd64 installing ifort 9 with alien installing sarge with USB keyboard java sun and gcj problem java-package: dependency trouble and suspicious behaviour joe Cassidy Re: Jumbo Frames? KDE in AMD64 etch Kernel 2.6.15-4 freeze kernel kernel config for MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum? Re: Kernel Names (was Kernel 2.6.15-4 freeze) libdvdcss broken du to upgrade (marillat) libfox-ruby or fxruby linux-2.6_2.6.12.orig.tar.gz locale still causing segfaults Re: Make, ccache and unreaped defunct shells mayby OT: growisofs not happy with recent 2.6 changes? meet me soon Re: Re: mkinitrd linking issue. Mozilla Seamonkey 1.0 x86_64 multi wireless-profile Music stutters during startup of programs Network install on a lan Network interfaces initialize with weird addresses nfsroot boot problems NFSv4 and amd64 no minimal system Nvidia driver bypasses xorg.conf settings OO.o uninstallable from etch? Pb with grub Perl is broken: Can't locate Re: Please help - kernel crashes often Porting help with gnubg #350390 powernow-k8 problem Preparing to give 64 bit a shot again on Gateway laptop Problem: fglrx-driver + X.ORG.6.9.0 Problems creating chroot Problems with Superkaramba Probs with mysql-server-5.0 Propagation of packages and udebs for D-I Beta2 Q. wrt Debian Sarge amd64 and 3ware 9550 SX RAID controller Re: quake4 on debian amd64 - works for me Quanta 3.5.x crashing Questions to chroot reiser4 patch? RESOLVED: Re: 3ware 9550 SATA RAID controller problems Running vmware 4.x (again) Re: Sarge NR_CPUS limit of 1 reached. Processor ignored. separate firefox processes (was Re: segmentation fault with firefox 1.5 after apt-get upgrade yesterday) SMP hyperthreading and bi-processors spamassassin and net::dns::resolver Splashy on AMD64 Stable vs Etch Strange chars in GNOME help files Debian Etch / Gnome 2.12 Strange network things: eth1 (but no nic!!) and sit0 testing - 3ware adapters swap Re: Trouble burning DVD trouble with hotplug on sid Re: tyan K8WE, kernel, PCI tyan K8WE, kernel, PCI & Firewire Re: A Ubuntu 64 bit problem on an AMD 64 bit machine unable to compile fglrx64 version 8.20.8 and older (including current 8.22.5) Unable to eject cdrom??? usb keyboard broken in linux-image-2.6.15 version 2.6.15-4 Using i386 shared library (PKCS#11 module) from the AMD64 world Re: Vuescan + SCSI scanner on amd64/chroot? - Solved Re: were to get new(est) kernel package (SMP ! - EM64T if possible) were to get new(est) kernel package (SMP ! - EM64T if possible) (was: installing sarge with USB keyboard) Re: When will amd64 unstable be official? Where has it gone? Why chroot ? Wifi pcmcia NIC Wrong timings on amd64 (Turion) Re: Wrong timings on amd64 (Turion) Solution Xinerama for Nvidia Quadro xorg horribly slower after upgrade to 6.9 Re: Re: You can order PAIN MEDS,Anti-depressants,weightloss meds online with NO PRES The last update was on 06:01 GMT Sun May 20. There are 481 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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