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amd64 on ftp.debian.org etc

Hey all,

Just a brief note. Some of you may have already noticed the binary-amd64
directories on the archive; at present we've made the various necessary
changes to the config files to create Packages files in unstable, experimental
and testing to support future amd64 uploads.

At the moment, those uploads are blocked while the mirror split is
underway. The usual process for new ports has been to discard all the old
debs that were being used for developing the port, and rebuilding from
scratch for inclusion in the archive; so in a couple of weeks when the
mirror split transition is over, we'll point the amd64 autobuilder run
by Frederik Schueler to the main wanna-build setup and get everything
rebuilt. We'll probably slow that down a little bit to stop mirrors
from getting too big a hit in a single pulse, but it should be fairly
well done within a week or ten days or so of starting. We'll likely be
limiting maintainer uploads (ie source+amd64 uploads, uploads not from
the buildd) until after the archive's been rebuilt.

Inclusion in testing shouldn't take much longer, though it may take a
little while to get amd64 in sync with other etch architectures.

The mirror split announcement is at


aj (the ftpmaster peeking through the blinds)

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