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Re: 2.6.15 on HP ZV6100 ( similar to compaq R4000)

> I would have thought with 2.6.15 it had a chance.  2.6.8 certainly won't
> like the chipset in it.
I think that it should work, i've a similar chipset (if not the same), and 
it works also with 2.6.8, recompiilng it.

> Not sure why 2.6.12 in ubuntu would work and 2.6.15 in debian wouldn't.
> Unless they load different drivers or something.
The problem, in my case, was that kernel load atiixp module after 
ide_generic, and (don't know why) ati module can't take control of ide/pci 
( this is not a reason, it's simply what happen in my notebook... )

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