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installing sarge with USB keyboard

I just got a new Pentium D Dell PC and was very surprised when it didn't respond on the first (choose language) screen of debian-installer...
It took me a while, but then I realized:
The PC was using a USB keyboard ! It doesn't even have as PS/2 port !
I'm using a amd64 netinst CD (also tried the full BIN-1 CD) from around Jun-2005. Where can I find a newer installation CD ? (I found only those "old" images on the web)

Is there a place to get / make a netinst (or any other) CD with a newer kernel that "sees" my USB keyboard from the start ?? Also I'm anticipating that there will be problems with the "Intel 1000(?) gigabit" network card ? Maybe even with my SATA harddrive !?

Sebastian Haase

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