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Re: Kernel 2.6.15-4 freeze

Chaim Keren Tzion wrote:
> Ken Bloom wrote:
>> Did you reboot after upgrading to 2.6.15-4? That upgrade happened for me
>> this morning, and the upgrade warned that I would need to reboot, so I
>> did.
> Can I ask what you meant by "That upgrade happened for me..."
> How do you set up an automatic kernel upgrade which doesn't seem to
> exist in the repositories? (At least not the repositories that I use) In
> fact I only see 2.6.15-3 at kernel.org. Where is 2.6.15-4 from?

The correct number for Kernel.org's version is, not 2.6.15-3.
The latter uses a debian revision and indicates the version of the
kernel in Debian. While my AMD64 laptop is currently running a 2.6.14
kernel, my i386 desktop is running kernel 2.6.15-4, and upgraded to that
version yesterday morning, replacing version 2.6.15-3, in accordance
with some kind of policy that really minor kernel upgrades are allowed
to keep the same package name and increase the version number. That
policy seems odd though.

--Ken Bloom

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