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Re: Jumbo Frames?


It appears my initial assumption I can set everything to MTU 9000 was
incorrect. Since my initial post, I also found a mail thread of
someone else with Linux and Dell PowerConnect 5324 who had the same
issues at 9000.

So I played around with the MTUs on both servers. I figured out that
6000 seems to be the best. I tested increments of 500 and every
combination up to 9500 (which would give a "SIOCSIFMTU: Invalid
argument" error every time, no big deal)

I have a lot of data in a table format, which would be too hard to
share. But if anyone wants a copy of it, which I guess would be
specific to Broadcom ethernet NICs and PowerConnect 5324 switches,
feel free to email me. I doubt there will be much need for it right
now, so I won't put it up anywhere or make an effort to share it.

Anyway, it appears when I would set one machine to 7000 and the other
at 7000 or above it would drop down to ~ 25MB/sec. Otherwise, I could
get anywhere from 100-117MB/sec. Which isn't a problem -
theoretically, gigE can only give me 125MB/sec anyway... so
116-117MB/sec I think is really good, so I am happy now. :)

Thanks for the help, and forcing me to walk through the motions!
- mike

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