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Re: how to get a new version of 'unrar' into the official repository?

On 2/13/06, Mark Nipper <nipsy@bitgnome.net> wrote:
> Well as Hamish stated, the license may not permit the
> AMD64 people to distribute the package.

What's wrong with the license?
What makes AMD64 people different from i386 people?

> The current solution is
> to include deb-src lines for Debian non-free from official Debian
> mirrors and build the package yourself.

Why not simply to include the source package in the debian-amd64 repository?
Is it againt the or what?

> From my experience, package maintainers are willing to work with bug reports for
> AMD64 when talking about actual bugs in the packages.  This will
> at least allow you to continue to grab packages via 'apt-get
> source' and build them locally.

But missing package is a bug, isn't it?
If not, then where to complain about such problems?


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