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Re: SMP hyperthreading and bi-processors

On Thu, Feb 16, 2006 at 08:40:25PM +0100, sebastien.prouff wrote:
> Thank you for reply.
> No, Hyperthreading is activated in the BIOS.
> More over, I tried to desactivate it in the BIOS, just to see
> the result.
> That was very strange.
> I was still able to see two processors in my /proc/cpuinfo,
> but this time the physical IDs were identical!

Hmm, very odd.  I have no idea honestly.  Well maybe the BIOS is buggy
and not setting up the cpu table properly, or the kernel is buggy and
not recognizing it correctly, or both.  Maybe try 2.6.15 and see what it

Len Sorensen

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