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Re: Running vmware 4.x (again)

cbergmann@acm.org wrote:


> I am working with VMware 5.5, so I can't help with your module problems.
> 5.5 has still some dependencies on the 32bit chroot subsystem, but is
> otherwise running on the 64bit platform (Debian Sarge). The transfer of my
> Windows guest from VMware 5.0 on a 32bit host to 5.5 on 64bit host went
> smoothly.

I've been playing around some more and I now, too, have a working vmware
5.5.1 (not patches needed). I wasnt following the howto closely enough,
so i missed the part about installing ia32-libs. I did that and now the
GUI works fine. thanks for the hints. (previously i futzed around with a
chroot myself but vmware didnt like that).

Sidenote: I had to go for sid since etch is currently broken (python)
and i'm too  adventuresome to use sarge.



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