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Re: [Little OT] Sata drive hot plug?

On Mon, Feb 13, 2006 at 08:32:19AM -0800, michael wrote:
> I have a amd64 sarge box with kernel 2.6.15 running with a silicon 3132 sata 
> controller. Siliconimage says this controller supports hot plug.
> Does this mean that I can just slap in my drive, plug a sata cable into it 
> and plug the power cable into it and away I go? (Does the plug-in order 
> matter?)

Device hotplugging needs that both the controller and the software
support it. The controller already supports it, but libata doesn't
support it yet. See


> Its just a normal 450 W Antec Power supply. Does the powersupply need special
> requirements too for hot plug?


> The motherboard also has the 955x chipset with an ich7 controller. 
> Is this hot plug capable as well?

According to the URL mentioned above it is not "not-hotplug" capable.


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