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Nvidia driver bypasses xorg.conf settings

For some reason, using the nvidia driver makes xorg use the wrong vertical refresh rate. My monitor can do 75 Hz at full resolution, but 60 Hz is recommended and much more comfortable for the eyes. All was fine until I

* built a custom kernel by copying the config for a stock kernel and adding preemtibel option, then make-kpkg

* reboot

* m-a prepare

* m-a auto-install nvidia

* startx

With any kernel (not just the one I built) and the nvidia drivers, my vertrefresh is at 75Hz, despite the fact that xorg.conf says it shall be 60Hz. Switching to the nv driver fixes it.

I'm using kernel 2.6.15 as downloaded from a debian mirror and rdonalds nvidia kernel source 1.0-8178-1.

There gotta be some file somewhere overriding my xorg.conf, but it's near impossible searching for this problem on the net, since I get a zillion hits using nvidia, vertrefreh, xorg.conf etc.

Please help!


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