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Re: kernel config for MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum?

On Tue, Feb 28, 2006 at 03:52:49PM -0500, Andrew Schulman wrote:
> I just ordered one of these mobos, with an Athlon64 X2 CPU.  I'm going to
> install them this weekend.  I've made a first run through configuring a
> kernel for the new board, and made my best guesses about hardware
> components.  I found some documentation and installation reports that
> describe the devices on the mainboard and their drivers, so I think I've got
> a fairly good idea of what's needed.
> Still, it would be helpful if I could look at a kernel config from someone
> else who's using this board, and preferably an Athlon64 X2 CPU too, and who
> has customized their kernel for the hardware.  If you have such a config,
> I'd appreciate it if you would either post it here (grep -v '^#') or send it
> to me by email.
> Also, if you have an /etc/sensors.conf for this board I'd like to see that
> too.
> One other thing:  several reports online said that the integrated ethernet
> devices wouldn't work with the standard sk98lin driver, but needed a patch
> from 
> http://www.syskonnect.com/syskonnect/support/driver/htm/sk9elin.htm
> But that link is dead, and I can't be sure what else to grab from the
> Syskonnect site.  Has this issue been resolved by the 2.6.15 kernel?  I.e.
> can I use either sk98lin or skge without patches for the built-in ethernet?

I thought it was solved, but I am not 100% sure.

> Thanks in advance for your advice.  If I have my kernel ready then I can be
> up and running sooner when my new hardware comes!  Can't wait!

Did you consider just trying 2.6.15 k8 smp from unstable or
backports.org?  What does building your own gain you?

Len Sorensen

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