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Re: initrd race conditions

Mike Crowe wrote:

>I still couldn't get my local udev rules to rename the interfaces on
>startup though. In the end I just disabled the e100 in the BIOS - I
>hope that the two tg3s will always be discovered in the same
>order... :-)
Well, presumably the ordering of the tg3s is based on their PCI bus
positions, so it should be better defined.

>I think I'd like to log a bug report about this though. Is udev the
>best package to do that against?
Not sure. It could be argued that udev is simply doing its thing, which
is loading modules in response to hotplug events: and processing them
serially is possibly going to cause other problems. Mmmm..... dunno.
Raise it anyway and see what happens, I guess :)

The issue with not being able to rename your net interfaces is certainly
a udev issue, although whether it's a bug or misconfiguration is hard to
determine. Maybe double-check the sysfs attributes using, for example,
"udevinfo -a -p /sys/class/net/eth0".  The first block of values (for
the /class/net/eth0 node) are what can be used to rename the device.
Also if udev isn't running when the module gets loaded, the renaming
won't happen. I remember it took me a few attempts to get it right, but
it was a while ago and I can't remember too many details. And just for
kicks, the machine I'm using it on is i386 not amd64, so you never
know.... but I'd be surprised if the arch made a difference.


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