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Re: Problems with Superkaramba

Marcus Bautze wrote:

>Eduardo M KALINOWSKI schrieb:
>>>Superkaramba is linked against python 2.3, but on
>>>http://netdragon.sourceforge.net/ they write
>>>"We are currently aware that using a combination of AMD64, Python 2.3
>>>and skz themes don't work. The current fix is to update your Python
>>>to version 2.4 or higher."
>>>So it would be better, if superkaramba is linked against python 2.4!
>>Well, I run it here in my AMD64 box with python 2.3 and never
>>experienced any problems.
>Do you tried to use skz-themes like Liquid Weather ++ (9.3.2), these
>themes doesn't run und the solution i got from the author is the text
>above from netdragon.sourceforge.net!
As a matter of fact, no. But I do have a simple meter that uses python
scripting and it works.

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