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Re: testing - 3ware adapters swap

Le 21/02/2006 14:33, Stephen Woodbridge a écrit :
You can control the order of the devices in by the order of the modules you specify in:


Add the modules for your controller in the order you want the controllers recognized and rebuild you initrd.img based on this. If you are not using yaird, then the same should work for whatever tool chain builds your initrd.img

I had a similar problem when I made some changes to my system and fixed it doing this.


Christophe Busson wrote:

I'm currently running stable release on a supermicro system composed of 1 Xeon Irwindale, 2GB of RAM and 2 3ware raid adapters (one 8006-2LP with 2x80GB raid1 for the system, and one 9500S-12 with 12x400 GB raid50 for storage). Yes, this is for a NAS :)

disk setup :
2x80GB raid 1 (sda)
/dev/sda1 -> /
/dev/sda2 for lvm (swap, home, var, usr, tmp)
12x400GB raid50 (sdb)
/dev/sdb1, /dev/sdb2, /dev/sdb3, /dev/sdb4 for lvm (exported filesystems)

As I was having some poor performances with the rewriting on the NAS, I've googled for the problem and found that maybe there was a glitch in the kernel so I decided to give a try to the testing release and to go with the 2.6.15-1 kernel.

Upgrade was OK, apt installed everything at the right place but when I rebooted the system in order for the changes to take place, then I ended up on ash. I was like "WTH is going on" and noticed that for some reason, after grub started the kernel, the 2 adapters were logically swapped. Basically my sda1 is now pointing to the 1st drive of my 9500S-12 adapter.
If I reboot with my 2.6.8-11 kernel, everything is going fine.

Any of you got any idea of what is going wrong and what I could do to fix that ?

I'm pretty sure it isn't a x86_64 problem but I'm posting here because it's the debian release i'm using on the server :)

Christophe Busson
Edited my /etc/mkinitramfs/modules and added the modules in the order I wanted them to be loaded by initrd. dpkg-reconfigure linux-image-2.6.15-1-em64t-p4-smp and grub-install /dev/sda (just to be sure) made the trick.

Thx for the hint.

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