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Re: separate firefox processes (was Re: segmentation fault with firefox 1.5 after apt-get upgrade yesterday)

Mark Montague <monty@gg.caltech.edu> writes:

> SUMMARY: I want to run a second firefox process in my 32bit chroot,
> without it just sending a remote command to open a new window from my
> 64-bit firefox. This was possible with script-fu until recently, but
> now I can't figure out how to make firefox-bin ignore another firefox
> on the same X display.

After poking around the source code, I found a solution:

env MOZ_NO_REMOTE=1 do_dchroot_run firefox -P secondary

where do_dchroot_run is similar to do_dchroot in the faq, but runs its


exec /usr/bin/dchroot -c ia32 -d "$(basename $com) $@"

Of course, you need to create the secondary profile first-- if you're
running the same profile as the 64bit firefox, it pops up a complaint
window... if anyone knows a way to deal with that, I'm still
interested, but at least I'm now at the "this is a pain" level rather
than "this is driving me nuts."

I think I'll file a wishlist bug for the debian package to add a
-noremote flag to the firefox-runner (installed as /usr/bin/firefox)
script that sets MOZ_NO_REMOTE.

				- M

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