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Re: Installing Debian on sata drive with adaptec aic-8130 controller

On Thu, Feb 09, 2006 at 04:41:35PM +0100, Marc Blumentritt wrote:
> Just for your notice: my vendor told me, if I change the SATA
> controller, I will loose every support from HP, which we paid for. So I
> looked at the newest Kernel 2.6.15 . You were right, that the marvel
> driver was marked highly experimental, but it is working (as far as I
> can see). So I hope, that it will be stable as soon as possible.

Well if you asked them for a machine that would run linux, they failed
to deliver one at the time it seems.  After all linux is not redhat or
suse.  Redhat and suse are just some types of linux.  But if things are
working with the new kernel, then that is probably OK.

Len Sorensen

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