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Re: i want to migrate from ide to serial ata

On Wednesday 01 Feb 2006 20:22, daniele wrote:
> hello
> i have a little question
> now i have two maxtor hard disk ide
> in the first hard disk i have my debian installation
> i want to buy a new hard disk serial ata
> i will use cp to copy my system on the new hard disk, _but what i need
> to do to boot from my new hard disk_?
> my motherboard is a gigabyte k8ns pro socket 754 nforce3
> i found a lot of documetation to install debian to a new hard disk
> serial ata but no documents to migrate debian on new hard disk serial
> ata :-(
> thanks

This should work:

1.  Compile a kernel with SATA support if you haven't already!
2.  Boot from a SATA-ready Debian installation CD.  {This avoids complications 
with /dev}.
3.  Partition and format SATA drive as desired; leave IDE drive alone.
4.  Go to a console  {ctrl+alt+F2}.
5.  Make mountpoints for SATA and IDE drives and mount them  {don't forget to 
mount all subdirectories beneath them; a printout of your /etc/fstab will 
help enormously here}.
6.  Copy everything from the IDE drive to the SATA drive.
7.  Edit /sata/etc/fstab and /sata/etc/lilo.conf to take account of the fact 
that the drive is now sda and not hda.
8.  chroot into the sata drive and run /sbin/lilo.
9.  Press ctrl+D to exit from the chroot.  {If you don't do this, the MBR 
write might not be decached}
10.  Remove CD, reboot and go to BIOS.  Set boot order to CDROM, SATA, IDE.
11.  Exit BIOS setup and boot into new system!

Alternatively, just reinstall everything exactly as per your existing 
installation; then copy /etc, /usr/local and /home from the IDE drive to the 
SATA drive.  {NB:  don't overwrite /etc/fstab or /etc/lilo.conf!}

delta echo bravo six four at earthshod dot co dot uk

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