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Re: Adaptec 2230SLP RAID (aacraid): how to install Sarge/AMD64

On Thu, Feb 09, 2006 at 11:28:21AM +0000, Dave Ewart wrote:
> Ah, interesting.  Thanks for the reply, Jo.
> "sarge-amd64-2.6.12-netinst.iso 08-Sep-2005 14:39"
> I think I might have tried that one: have you used that one to install
> to an aacraid subsystem?  It didn't seem to detect it automatically
> certainly...

Anything not autodetected by sarge is not going to be autodetected by
mine either.  I just updated the kernel so you can load newer drivers
that were included with modprobe on console 2.

Unfortunately the web server is misbehaving right now (someone turned of
directory index permissions).  I guess I should add a index.html for now
with static links to the files.

Len Sorensen

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