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Re: how to get a new version of 'unrar' into the official repository?

On 13 Feb 2006, Max wrote:
> On 2/13/06, Hamish Moffatt <hamish@debian.org> wrote:
> > The maintainer can't really do anything about this; it's up to the AMD64
> > porters. There's no automatic building for non-free, because licenses
> > may not permit it etc.
> OK, then how to draw attention of AMD64 porters to this problem?
> I thought the bugreport would do that, but it did not.

        Well as Hamish stated, the license may not permit the
AMD64 people to distribute the package.  The current solution is
to include deb-src lines for Debian non-free from official Debian
mirrors and build the package yourself.  From my experience,
package maintainers are willing to work with bug reports for
AMD64 when talking about actual bugs in the packages.  This will
at least allow you to continue to grab packages via 'apt-get
source' and build them locally.

        The long term solution of course is for some folks to
help out with the unrar-free package and get it working on 64-bit
platforms (and support RAR version 3 ultimately).

        Please note that I am in no way affiliated with the AMD64
project or Debian itself (although I do provide mirrors for
both).  If at some point AMD64 officially is included under the
Debian umbrella, it might become possible to distribute non-free
also.  But I'm sure some Debian purists would like to purge the
entire non-free branch in general, and I can't say I disagree too
much with them.  However, being entirely practical for a moment,
I too have built the AMD64 version of unrar-nonfree for myself
via 'apt-get source ...; fakeroot dpkg-buildpackage' because
people are still distributing RAR's and I still need to unpack
them.  :)  It's not a perfect world unfortunately.

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