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Re: Anyone willing to seed sarge amd64 isos?

Gabor Gombas <gombasg@sztaki.hu> writes:

> On Sat, Jan 07, 2006 at 02:47:18PM -0500, Lennart Sorensen wrote:
>> wget uses persistent connections for every 10 files for jigdo, and the
>> overhead is maybe 100bytes per file.
> The overhead in data size is insignificant. The processing overhead

And the subsequent requests will be send while the first file is still
downloading and get intermixed with the neccessary ACKs. They just add
some payload to the ACKs so to speak.

> (parsing several thousand HTTP requests, looking up & opening several
> thousand files instead of just one on both the server & client side, and
> building the image on the client side) is not.
>> Well for that it is very good.  It also doesn't use any outgoing
>> bandwidth, or depend on other people to be doing something special.
>> Much more reliable that way.  I find it no problem to saturate a decent
>> connection with jigdo, although upping the 10 files at a time does help.
> The bottleneck to the nearest mirror is our local 100MB/s ethernet network,
> and still Jigdo was 2-3 times slower than downloading a single ISO from
> the same mirror.
> Gabor

The idea behind jigdo is that you have a fast local mirror (or last
weeks CD) with all the little files but only a slow remote mirror with
the iso.

Fetching all those files fast will be faster than the slow remote
mirror even with the overhead. If you also have the iso on a fast
mirror then getting that directly will be faster obviouly.


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